Why I don’t cite sources in my articles

Fake News does not result in Federal Indictments

Some of you who have read my past blogs may have noticed that I don’t really cite sources. If I can post a specific link to a clip of Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News to make it easier to support my claim, I do, but my point is: I don’t believe that citing sources is a winner of arguments these days.

Although having credible sources with good information is the crux of the news industry, publicly broadcast lies sold as the truth have made it quite difficult for Americans to ascertain the truth by simply following the media.

This is a huge problem, so I started thinking of ways to circumvent sourcing in reporting (as difficult a task as that might seem) to provide publicly verifiable facts, or facts that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on.

The purpose of Fox Hawk is to present information that is easily verifiable and on the public record. I do this because I believe that it is the only way to convince Fox News supporters, who are a majority of them republican, that they are hearing lies from their preferred media outlets.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t enjoy telling thirty five percent of the US population that I think they are wrong. I value friendship above politics. However, when the verifiable truth is regularly disregarded, and ‘facts’ are seen as a matter of opinion, I have to act. Too much is at risk to stay silent.

How do you sway another person’s opinions when the basis for your argument is not accepted as truth?

What Fox News is doing right now is propaganda at its worst, and Sean Hannity is President Trump’s minister of disinformation. Here is an easy way I remember what to believe: if Trump or Hannity purport something to be fake news, it is probably true.

Sean Hannity is doing almost as much to destroy the public truth as Donald Trump himself. This truth would be facts that Republicans and Democrats can agree are, in fact, facts.

Thus I came to one conclusion: the only way to show a Hannity supporter that they are being lied to is to let Sean Hannity tell them himself. Sean Hannity does this regularly by contradicting himself, based on previous statements he’s made. Anyone can check this. Just watch two episodes of Hannity and compare the assertions made. They typically do not match up.

For some mystical reason, Jon Stewart knew this and used it to great comic effect on The Daily Show. He would regularly show clips of politicians and reporters asserting a point of view, then show another earlier clip of the person saying something directly the opposite of what they said in the first clip. One of Mr. Stewart’s favorite targets: Sean Hannity.

Where did you go, Jon Stewart? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you…woo woo woo.

One recent example of Mr. Hannity contradicting himself (during the same episode nonetheless) is January 25, 2018. That day, news broke that President Trump had tried to order White House Counsel Don McGhan to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller in June of 2017. The President backed off on his order when Mr. McGhan threatened to quit his job if he was asked to tell the Justice Department to dismiss Mueller.

During Mr. Hannity’s opening monologue that same evening, he said: “At this hour, The New York Times is trying to distract you. They have a story that Trump wanted Mueller fired sometime last June. Our sources, and I’ve checked in with many of them, they’re not confirming that tonight.”

At the end of his broadcast, right before cutting to the video of the day,  Mr. Hannity then said: “All right, we have sources tonight just confirming to Ed Henry that, yeah, maybe Donald Trump wanted to fire the Special Counsel for a conflict. Does he not have the right to raise those questions?”

Don’t believe me? Go to YouTube and type in: Hannity 1/25/2018 and watch. At least Mr. Hannity is right about one thing: you can’t make this stuff up.By the way, you noticed the newspaper article that Sean Hannity cited as false and then later had to admit was true: it was in The New York Times. Hmm…

Published by: The Fox Hawk

This blog is for revealing the mistruths and contradictions coming out of Fox News in this hyperpartisan political environment. The way things are working out, Fox's narrative about The Russian Investigation, Roy Moore, Isreal's Capitol, and Donald Trump's accusers of sexual harassment is forcing America to choose. The two camps are mutually exclusive. Either you believe what Fox News is reporting, or you believe the MSM, or mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC). I want to expose the lies of comission, omission and twisting of truth Fox News regularly exhibits in their news reporting. Obviously I am biased. Everything in this blog is my opinion, cited by sources, which will mainly be Fox's reporter's own words.

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