Vladmir Putin writes scripts for both Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity

Putin plays both sides of the aisle to achieve goals.

*author’s note: I realize what I am postulating is quite conspiracy theory-ish. This is just an idea I had*

Good News everyone! We don’t have to be divided as a nation anymore! We now know the truth: we were all of us deceived (Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Rings).

Russia did (and is doing) it all. The Russia Investigation, led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, that’s Vladmir Putin’s work. The ‘salacious and unverified’ dossier? Also designed by Vladmir Putin.

Both Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow are right. For Fox viewers, the Steele Dossier is full of lies.

For CNN and MSNBC fans, Russia did collude with Donald Trump, and the Dossier is true.

Putin is playing to both sides of the aisle, to great effect. For Republicans: a corrupt FBI who lets Hillary Clinton off but wants to take down token president Donald Trump. By the way, the Dossier is false.

For Democrats: a president who is an indentured servant to a foreign adversary, and by the way, the Dossier is true.

How can that be possible? Vladmir Putin is telling each side exactly what they want to hear (and fear) about the ‘other side.’

Putin found two institutional weakness in the United States:

1. Bicameral representation. You are either a Republican or a Democrat. There is no third option. When there are only two ends to a spectrum of political ideology, it is easy to highlight and exploit differences.

2. Any US citizen can be elected President. What we have touted as one of our greatest treasures, the fact that anyone born in the United States can technically be elected President. How many times have you heard a proud parent say about their child: “She/he will be President of the United States one day.”?

The fact that we have a feee democracy was turned into an exploitable chink in our armor.

Do many of you remember the plot to The Count of Monte Cristo? Long story short: Edmond Dantes, a French sailor who was wrongly imprisoned for years by a usurper spends his time in jail meticulously planning his revenge.

I think Vladmir Putin had an Edmond Dantes moment when communism fell on December 26, 1991. Mr. Putin went into exile. He spent the next 26 years planning his retribution.

You see, for Vladmir Putin and many like-minded Ex-KGB agents, the Cold War never ended, Russia only lost a big battle in an even bigger war.

I can see Vladmir Putin in his exile, seething at the thought that The United States had won the Cold War. Democracy and Freedom won.

At the fall of communism, Mr. Putin’s job skills became obsolete. With no organized republic to represent, a government spy turns into Ronin, a soldier without a general.

After some years, Americans stopped paying attention to Russia, as the fall of communism turned Russia into a powerless confederation of states.

The US President Barack Obama actually made fun of election opponent Mitt Romney when Romney suggested that Russia was a much bigger threat to the US than we, as a country, realized. If only we had listened to Mitt…

Vladmir Putin is a mastermind at thwarting enemies through non-traditional warfare, like propaganda on social media, spy-craft, and, last but not least, the most sophisticated, under the radar campaign to undermine the sovereignty of a foreign adversary. Ever.

The word unprecedented gets around a lot these days. Putin’s subversion campaign has never been seen in our history as a country. It did not start with Donald Trump nor did it end with the 2016 Presidential Election. We have never, ever seen a situation like this.

Oh wait, yes we have. Russia did the same thing in the Ukraine a few years ago. Viktor Yanukovych, the Ukraine’s Donald Trump, used Paul Manafort as his campaign manager.

After winning the Ukrainian election, Mr Yanukovych gave key government positions to family members. Sound familiar?

Supporters attending Mr. Yanukovych’s rallies were heard to yell: “lock her up…lock her up” about his female political rival. Wow. Donald Trump borrowed directly from Vlad’s Easy Guide to Thwarting Democracy. The one difference in Yanukovych’s case is that he actually did lock her up.

So here is my conspiracy theory: Putin knew Richard Steele was looking into Donald Trump’s connections to Russia, so he made sure Mr. Steele heard the right story to incense Democrats and trigger the Special Counsel Russian Investigation.

At the same time, Mr. Putin ordered a hack of Hillary Clinton’s emails to be posted on Wikileaks, thus firing up the anti-Hillary conservatives.

Sean Hannity is wrong. Rachel Maddow is wrong. All the developments they are reporting on are lies from Russia tailor made to appeal to their core audience.

For Democrats, a high level conspiracy case involving the worst republican president ever.

For Republicans, a corrupt FBI hell-bent on ousting a duly elected President.

It’s almost like each story is ‘the perfect’ story for each side. Too perfect, if you ask me.

Published by: The Fox Hawk

This blog is for revealing the mistruths and contradictions coming out of Fox News in this hyperpartisan political environment. The way things are working out, Fox's narrative about The Russian Investigation, Roy Moore, Isreal's Capitol, and Donald Trump's accusers of sexual harassment is forcing America to choose. The two camps are mutually exclusive. Either you believe what Fox News is reporting, or you believe the MSM, or mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC). I want to expose the lies of comission, omission and twisting of truth Fox News regularly exhibits in their news reporting. Obviously I am biased. Everything in this blog is my opinion, cited by sources, which will mainly be Fox's reporter's own words.

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