Fox Hawk’s Rules and Mission Statement

Fox Hawk Rules

I operate Fox Hawk on a strict set of rules to encourage open discussion from Republicans and Democrats.

  1. I will never use unnamed sources. When I cite a quote or video in my article, it will be easily available, publicly posted documents on websites such as YouTube or Wikipedia.
  2. To assert my positions, I will primarily focus on clips or quotes from Hannity, hosted by Sean Hannity on the Fox News Network. Videos of these broadcasts are typically posted on YouTube, free to view.
  3. When Mr. Hannity reports news that is factually wrong, I will only use publicly available official government documents to refute his claim.
  4. I will never alter or delete comments about what I post, with the exception of profane content. This includes posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I encourage opinions from both sides to be posted and discussed. I will always answer questions.

Mission Statement

Fox Hawk is devoted to bridging the divide between Republicans and Democrats that we as Americans are experiencing in 2018. I want to encourage lively, non-personal debate between the two sides. No matter what, when Robert Mueller finally concludes his investigation, we will still be a divided country. I want to start the healing process now.

I know my views are extreme to some, logical to others. But now is not the time to be silent. Republicans are not my enemy, they are my brothers and sisters. A large group of us was (and is) lied to. We believed it. It was a gigantic lie, expertly executed on all Americans. Americans are humans who can be lied to, just as easily as Russians, North Koreans, Venezuelans, South Africans, or Germans.

Propaganda is playing a gigantic role influencing the growing divide in our country. Again, the two competing narratives are constructed such that one side has to be right, the other, wrong.

Our true enemy is Russian President Vladmir Putin, the instigator and manipulator of Russia’s digital invasion of our country. Make no mistake. What Russia did was a declaration of war.

Putin is letting us tear each other down before he moves on to the next stage of his plan. It would be naive to believe that Russia is finished with whatever plan they constructed long before Donald Trump was in the picture.

I don’t know what’s coming next from Russia, but I hope Mr. Mueller can conclude his investigation soon so we can rip this band aid off and focus on very real threats to our nation.

Published by: The Fox Hawk

This blog is for revealing the mistruths and contradictions coming out of Fox News in this hyperpartisan political environment. The way things are working out, Fox's narrative about The Russian Investigation, Roy Moore, Isreal's Capitol, and Donald Trump's accusers of sexual harassment is forcing America to choose. The two camps are mutually exclusive. Either you believe what Fox News is reporting, or you believe the MSM, or mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC). I want to expose the lies of comission, omission and twisting of truth Fox News regularly exhibits in their news reporting. Obviously I am biased. Everything in this blog is my opinion, cited by sources, which will mainly be Fox's reporter's own words.

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