A Tale of Two Hannities: Sean Hannity has a Jekyll and Hyde moment on air, briefly supporting the FBI


It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times…

It seems Sean Hannity  hates the FBI, until a real situation arises. Then, his ‘corrupt FBI’ claims go out the window and he supports the FBI efforts to catch criminals, such as the Austin Bomber.

By Ryan Nelson, the Fox Hawk


  • Sean Hannity regularly accuses the FBI as a corrupt, law-breaking, Deep State Institution.
  • During the crisis of the bomber in Austin, Texas, Mr. Hannity forgot the FBI was corrupt, revealing a personal friend of his, former FBI counter-terror deputy assistant director Terry Turchie, himself a high-ranking official at the FBI in 2001.


Does Sean Hannity have a twin brother? The other night, I saw two different Sean Hannities on the same broadcast. Do you remember what was happening on Tuesday, March 2, 2018? I know, I know, it was three days ago, but the way news travels these days, it can be hard to remember what happened in our country one hour ago.

On this particular Tuesday, a serial bomber in Austin, Texas had planted and detonated five bombs in the local area. The exploding devices were inside what looked like the normal shipping boxes you would see come from UPS or Amazon. This evening, a sixth box containing a bomb exploded in a FedEx ground shipping building in nearby Schertz, Texas.

Enter Sean Hannity.

At 6:00 pm, when Mr. Hannity’s show started, he picked up the Austin Bomber story, taking the proverbial baton from his predecessor Tucker Carlson.

* Just a side note: any quote I attribute to Sean Hannity is taken directly from transcripts of his show, available at http://www.foxnews.com*

The night of Tuesday the 20th, I watched Hannity as usual. The first of two Sean Hannities (we’ll call him SH#1) began the show. To my utter disbelief, SH#1 began his broadcast as a real reporter. He was calm, deliberate, compassionate. I’d never seen this side of Mr. Hannity before. SH#1 began with  live updates on the Austin Bomber story, cutting intermittently to Geraldo Rivera live at a Goodwill store in Texas.

Mr. Rivera was covering a mysterious package that turned out not to have a bomb, but incendiary material. I’m going to guess the package contained copies of Clinton Cash (j/k). Long story short, Fox sent Geraldo out on assignment to a potential story that turned out to be a literal dud. Can’t Geraldo ever live down his much-hyped but dead on arrival expose on Al Capone’s vault? Why does Fox continue to send Mr. Rivera out on dud stories?

Back to the broadcast:

HANNITY: “All right. Thanks, Tucker. And this is a Fox News alert. Austin on edge again this hour. We start with breaking news tonight. By the way, my monologue will be coming up later in the show. Austin, Texas, on high alert yet again after police are responding to what is now a sixth explosion that has left one person injured again.”

Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas were the locations of multiple serial bombings perpetrated by the same man: Mark Anthony Conditt. This was a crisis for Texas and the entire nation. Fox, CNN, MSNBC and most local news broadcasts were devoting much of their broadcasts to the gripping story.

HANNITY: “I had the opportunity, a guy that literally worked, Terry Turchie is his name, former deputy assistant director, counterterrorism division, FBI. He for 18 years tracked down the serial bomber known as the Unabomber and literally, he was able to get the information. It came from the public.” (bold added by author)

…What?! Did Sean Hannity just say he had a friend in the FBI? Impossible. On Hannity, somebody else was delivering the news last Tuesday, because what I witnessed transpire became a live Jekyll and Hyde moment, Dr Jekyll controlling his body for about 10 minutes of his broadcast. My disbelief rose significantly when SH#1 continued:

HANNITY: “Manny Gomez, let me ask you, this is — this is a very tough job for the FBI, but we have a couple of things that have happened. Today with this tripwire, that makes a difference what bomb experts have told me in this FBI deputy assistant director of counterterrorism to the FBI who spent 18 years on the Unabomber case, what he told me is every single bomber, serial bomber, has their own fingerprint and you usually through forensics are able and capable of determining if in fact it is from them. Is that possible an incendiary device could end up being him?”

Then, my jaw hit the floor when Fox News National Security Strategist (and regular FBI accuser) Sebastian Gorka said the following:

GORKA: “I talked to an FBI counterterrorism division agent just now and they said that there is an unusual level of variety…”

Uhh, stop there. Did Sebastian Gorka just say that he communicated with an FBI agent and that he believed him?

For anyone who watches Hannity on a regular basis, the beginning 10 minutes of Tuesday’s show was like being transported to a reality where Donald Trump was a good president and conservative voices actually supported the FBI.

Watching Hannity that night, I honestly felt like Marty McFly in Back to the Future II. At the end of the movie, Marty wakes up and realizes that evil Biff didn’t really take over Hill Valley. Now that I think of it, is there any way Donald Trump could have gotten the Gray’s Sports Almanac (1950-2000) from his future self? That would answer a lot of questions…

Then, to top it all off: Sean Hanniy had Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton:

HANNITY: “Where are we in the investigation as far as there are any details you can give people, what about the idea that every serial bomber has his own signature or her own signature?”

PAXTON: “Well, first of all, I had the opportunity to meet with President Trump today and thank him for the 500 federal law enforcement officers that are out there helping us support, including 400 FBI agents, 100 ATF officers. We obviously have our own state police. My office involved, and there’s a lot of people looking for this guy.”

…Does Mr. Paxton have a death wish? Thanking Donald Trump for sending his FBI. On Sean Hannity. I watched, enthralled at what a tongue lashing Mr. Paxton was about to get from Sean Hannity. I metaphorically covered my ears and closed my eyes, bracing for what came next.

By the way, it was nothing. Sean Hannity didn’t say anything to correct what Ken Paxton had just said. He simply went on to the next commentator: “Ted Williams, let me go to you. Your years as a detective, where are you tonight especially in light of the two confirmed bombs that they had and how valuable is the one that did not explode today?”

To say the least, I was confused, yet encouraged by Mr. Hannity’s show of confidence in the FBI and how they help America every day by partnering with local authorities to solve crimes.

Then, his belated opening monologue started and I was bludgeoned by reality. This Sean Hannity (we’ll call him SH#2) was the Sean Hannity I knew. He was bold, brash, uncompromising. SH#2 began his monologue slamming Hillary Clinton about her comments linking Trump votes to misogyny. Ahh…relief. My reality is terrible but at least I know it’s real and I find comfort in that. SH#2 was back to being himself.

After his rant about Mrs. Clinton, Hannity went on to accuse the FBI of corruption:

HANNITY: “All right. Also breaking tonight, huge news to tell you about Mr. Deep State himself, James Comey, and other corrupt government officials. They should be very worried tonight. ‘Politico’ is reporting the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, he is now getting ready to issue a subpoena for documents that the DOJ inspector general has about the corrupt FBI Clinton email investigation, 1.2 million documents.”

Oh well…

And by the way, I know some of my Republican readers will point to the fact that Sean Hannity regularly supports the rank and file FBI, and he only accuses the top brass of corruption. My rebuttal: there were 400 FBI agents in Austin, Texas. Some of them had to be upper echelon.

Published by: The Fox Hawk

This blog is for revealing the mistruths and contradictions coming out of Fox News in this hyperpartisan political environment. The way things are working out, Fox's narrative about The Russian Investigation, Roy Moore, Isreal's Capitol, and Donald Trump's accusers of sexual harassment is forcing America to choose. The two camps are mutually exclusive. Either you believe what Fox News is reporting, or you believe the MSM, or mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC). I want to expose the lies of comission, omission and twisting of truth Fox News regularly exhibits in their news reporting. Obviously I am biased. Everything in this blog is my opinion, cited by sources, which will mainly be Fox's reporter's own words.

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