EXCLUSIVE: Sean Hannity used to be a supporter of Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation. What changed?

When Robert Mueller was appointed, Sean Hannity approved, believing Mueller would exonerate Donald Trump


Can we all agree that Sean Hannity is currently questioning the validity of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign? Right now, Mr. Hannity is accusing Mr. Mueller of hiring only democratic FBI agents and lawyers to his investigative team. He also regularly calls the Russia Investigation a ‘witch hunt.’

I have been watching Hannity on Fox News for a long time, and I have watched as his attitude toward Robert Mueller has changed and evolved since May 17, 2017, the day Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mr. Mueller to be the Special Counsel. I have witnessed over the last few months as Mr. Hannity has increased in severity and frequency his accusations that Robert Mueller’s investigation is corrupt and biased.

While Mr. Hannity’s mirror narrative to the Russian Investigation unfolded, I returned to a memory that I had seen an old episode of Hannity when no one was objecting to Robert Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel. That can’t be, can it? An episode of Hannity where Sean Hannity not only didn’t object to Robert Mueller, but agreed with his appointment as Special Counsel because Mr. Mueller would find no collusion and exonerate President Trump.

Oh, the times, they have changed. As soon as Robert Mueller started indicting members of Trump’s campaign and White House (Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, George Popadopalous, Micheal Flynn), Mr. Hannity changed his tune on Mueller and started looking for reasons to discredit him. As of this last week, Sean Hannity began a segment on his program looking into Robert Mueller’s past, to see if Mueller, a Republican, really is unimpeachable. What he found was picky and mountain-out-of-molehill-ish.

The following conversation comes directly from transcripts of Hannity posted on foxnews.com. I know these quotes are long, but I don’t want to be accused of cherry-picking out of context quotes that support my argument.

If you just want to get a gist of what Mr. Hannity and guests are saying, scroll to the parts in italics or bold. Errors in the text are from foxnews.com. These quotes are from May 17, 2017, again, the day Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel (italics and bold added by author):

HANNITY: And also tonight, new developments, we’re learning the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller, he’s now been appointed to oversee the FBI’s investigation into Russia meddling into the 2016 election. Remember, they told us it didn’t impact one vote. What impact did they have? We should know.

Joining us now, Fox News correspondent at large, also an attorney, Geraldo Rivera, and the author of The New York Times bestselling book, it’s like his ninth bestseller, “The True Jesus, Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels,” David Limbaugh. All right, let’s go to both of you. I think this is a good thing. They’ve been clamoring for it, let them get it. We know it didn’t impact the election, not one vote, we’ve been told repeatedly. Let’s get to the bottom of it, game on, let’s go.

DAVID LIMBAUGH, “THE TRUE JESUS” AUTHOR: Well, the appointment of this special prosecutor looks like a CYA move. They know there’s nothing there. The DOJ knows that there’s nothing there. There’s been no evidence at all of any collusion. And so appointing him may tamp down some of the allegations of impropriety, the interrelationship between Trump interfering with the investigation and all that. So it gives them some distance. I think it might hurt a little bit politically, but we don’t know who ordered it.

HANNITY: Why does it hurt politically to say were going to get to the bottom of it fairly and objectively?

LIMBAUGH: What I mean by that, no, that immediately doesn’t. That helps politically. It just fuels the Democratic fire. There’s nothing here, and yet we add another layer that lends credence to it. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have done it —

HANNITY: In my case, he needs to govern, and this breathless hysteria that is existing and the deep state leaks, it’s hurting his ability to do his job.

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS SENIOR CORRESPONDENT: I totally agree. I have a slightly different take than David does. I think this shifts focus from the Senate and the House, which are now hotbeds of covering your backside, to the FBI’s investigation. We have a much more prudent organization now in charge.

And this guy Mueller is an inspired choice. Remember, he was the FBI director from 9/11 on. He’s the one who helped fashion the FBI into a counterterrorism organization with much more vaunted abilities in terms of foreign security, national security. I think that he is untouched by politics as far as I know. He’s unimpeachable in many ways. I think that this will help depoliticize the investigation. And if there is no there there, as there has not been any there there proven yet, I think he’s exactly to guy to find the truth.

LIMBAUGH: I agree with what you’re saying. I don’t disagree with either you or Sean on the political aspects of that. Remove it, get some distance. But guess who is the most unimpeachable guy character-wise in the history of the universe — Ken Starr, and they destroyed him. I’m not saying they will do that to Mueller. But still —

RIVERA: He had to do it. He really —

HANNITY: It wasn’t him.

RIVERA: It wasn’t him. It was the acting a.g. there. But I think what we had to do was restore confidence. We know so far zero evidence of collusion. So unlike Watergate, there is no crime at the heart of this. But when you see people starting to tell stories out of school, or I taped this, or inappropriate —

HANNITY: You’re about to hate me. I’ve got a question. Can we open up the Uranium One deal, the real Russia collusion story? And Hillary signs off on 20 percent of our uranium going to Putin, and all the people involved in the deal sent millions to the foundation, can we look into that too?

RIVERA: I think this has gone too far for —

HANNITY: So the answer is no. You’re telling me no, Hannity. That’s not a talking point.

RIVERA: I believe that what goes around comes around. A lot of the bitterness that exists now towards Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., has to do with the fact that nobody expected him to win, so election 2016 is the prime cause of what we are seeing. And also Benghazi, Benghazi was dragged out on a lot of very reckless things were said about Hillary Clinton and others. And I think that this is in many ways karma, but it’s karma with revenge tinted in. But now Mueller can clear Donald Trump. That’s the key thing. Remember, you can’t assume because he is a special prosecutor that he’s going to find something. I do agree with David that sometimes these have a life of their own.

HANNITY: He’s right.

RIVERA: Ken Starr didn’t start to impeach Bill Clinton.

HANNITY: It’s 40 years, $40 million, I think we remember that, and the blue dress, and right, Betty, I remember it all. It’s a special counsel, not a special prosecutor.

If a commentator says something on Hannity, and Sean Hannity doesn’t correct them, can we assume he doesn’t have a problem with what was said? Because Geraldo Rivera gave a shining endorsement of Robert Mueller on Hannity. Even Sean Hannity recognized the legitimacy of the investigation. I guess Mr. Hannity, looking back now, should have known that Robert Mueller would find something in the Russia collusion case, so he could start undermining it right away, instead of waiting until the evidence against Trump mounts to a big, big pile of incriminating documents and witnesses.

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This blog is for revealing the mistruths and contradictions coming out of Fox News in this hyperpartisan political environment. The way things are working out, Fox's narrative about The Russian Investigation, Roy Moore, Isreal's Capitol, and Donald Trump's accusers of sexual harassment is forcing America to choose. The two camps are mutually exclusive. Either you believe what Fox News is reporting, or you believe the MSM, or mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC). I want to expose the lies of comission, omission and twisting of truth Fox News regularly exhibits in their news reporting. Obviously I am biased. Everything in this blog is my opinion, cited by sources, which will mainly be Fox's reporter's own words.

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